Balão + offers its customers several products of various sizes and models that can be customized.

This way, the customer is able to know at any time how the product will look after being customized and the respective costs.

The customer must choose the color of the product, color(s) of printing and what he wants to print.

The client must use images and texts in the color indicated for printing when assembling.

The texts, images or marks used are the sole responsibility of the customer. By accepting these terms of sale, the customer declares that, if he uses texts, images or trademarks registered or protected by copyright, he is the legal owner of those rights or that he is duly authorized for their reproduction.

All texts and images with a color other than the one selected in the “print color” field will be converted to the color indicated in “print color”.

Whenever the texts or images sent contain more than one color, but the selected product is printed in one color, the texts and images will be converted to a color.

The deadlines indicated as the delivery period refer to business days.

The delivery time is counted after the payment of the order until the day of shipment.

Whenever it is necessary to send models or any clarification on the part of the client, the counting of the delivery period is suspended until a response is obtained from the client.

The delivery time does not include the transportation time.

Balão + is unaware of any transport delays and if this happens it will not be considered a valid reason for returning or canceling the order.

Personalized products can be canceled until the moment they start printing.

Orders for items whose customization has already started but which have not yet been sent cannot be canceled.

The models and colors presented in our online store are merely indicative.

Personalized products can be claimed whenever it is concerned:

The quality of the article;

Error in the color of the article and/or in the printing color unreliable to Balloon +;

Whenever the images and/or texts do not agree with the one sent by the client.


Balão + makes available to all users a glossary with frequently asked questions and videos on how to be able to place your order for personalized items in a safe and effective way.

See the FAQ for these products.

Watch video of how to customize products in our store