Foil balloons

Foil balloons are characterized by their shapes, metallic colors and long life when filled with helium

Foil Balloons


  • Licensed

    Licensed foil balloons.
    Balloons printed or shaped like your favorite character

  • Printed

    Printed foil balloons to set the tone for your party

  • Other Shapes

    Foil balloons with special shapes

  • Walking

    It's a balloon, it's a toy, it's an animal, it's a ...
    Walking balloon

  • Standard Formats

    Round foil balloons, star, hearts, cube and pyramid

  • Mirror

    Mirror balloons have a mirror finish that gives their name

  • Letters

    Balloons foil letter

  • Numbers

    Foil Balloons Numbers

  • Personalizados

    Custom foil balloons - For someone unique

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