Shipping your order

Orders are usually sent by carrier on the business day following receipt of payment, unless stated otherwise.

If you want another way of sending please contact our services.

The goods are shipped at the customer's own risk and expense, and Balloon + cannot be held responsible for any delays in transportation.

Shipping costs may vary depending on weight, volume and delivery location. If you want your order to be distributed to several destinations, place a separate order for each destination.

Exchanges and Returns

Any order contract placed on the BALAOMAIS website can be freely resolved under the terms of article 10 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014 of 14 February, with the User being responsible for the return costs. To this end, the User must return his order within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of receipt, by contacting our customer service through Customer Support

In no case send the articles without prior contact as they will not be received.

Balão+ does not accept any return sent with postage to be paid or a refund, committing itself to reimburse the User within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the communication of the resolution under the terms of article 12 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014 of 14 February or the business day following receipt of the return or proof of return of the order, whichever is the last.

The refund of payments will be made through the same payment method that was used by the User in the initial transaction or by bank transfer, if the payment method used does not allow it.

The return of articles must respect the following conditions:

  • Returned products must be in sales condition, that is, in the same condition in which they arrived in the hands of the User, without any anomaly, with original packaging and accompanied by the respective invoice.
  • Exchanges or returns of batteries, batteries and leds are not accepted, except for lack of conformity.
  • Exchanges or returns of personalized items are not accepted.

If the packaging is damaged and the articles have evident marks of use, we will not be able to accept the exchange or the return of the value.

Conditions applicable in case of return

If you choose to return the amount we inform you that:

If the value resulting from the exchange of products for an order is higher than the initial value of the same, the User will have to pay for the difference, using one of the available payment methods.

If the value resulting from the exchange of products for an order is lower than the initial value of the same, or in case of return, the User can choose one of the following ways of refunding the amount paid in excess:

  1. Shopping voucher (valid for use in future purchases on the Balão + website); or
  2. Refund by bank transfer to account to be indicated.
  3. Items sent for free, or as gifts or bonuses, will not be refunded

Warranty and After Sales Service

All equipment is covered by a 2-year compliance guarantee.

If the purchased product is defective or defective, you must inform Customer Support, informing your order number and the description of the malfunction. The costs of collecting items within the Warranty period will be borne by the customer.

Upon receipt of the item at Balão + facilities, we will carry out the technical verification and, in case of any lack of conformity, the item will be replaced. In this case, we will replace the item and make a new shipment to your address at no additional cost.

If the technical check detects signs of misuse, and / or any problem that may have caused the item to malfunction (eg, drop, humidity, etc.) you will be contacted to indicate whether you want us to repair the equipment.

In the case of goods outside the warranty period, Balão + also provides technical assistance, so you can inform and send the defective or damaged items to Customer Support. The articles will be analyzed by the Balão + After-Sales Service, which will issue a technical opinion and respective repair budget. The repair will only start after the Client has accepted the quote.