Within 14 days, we change products if you are not satisfied.


  • Presentation of the purchase receipt or invoice;
  • The product must be delivered in the same condition in which it was sold: without risks, without external damage and in perfect working condition, including its original packaging accompanied by the user manual and all its accessories.
  • Batteries, batteries and leds are not accepted;

Repair of items under warranty:

All articles purchased and delivered less than two years ago (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer) and which respect the brand warranty certificate are considered to be covered by the legal guarantee.

  • It is necessary to present the purchase invoice and the guarantee certificate of the brand (when applicable).
  • The expected repair time is 30 days.
  • The repair process will only start when the necessary documentation is provided.

Repair of out-of-warranty items

Balão+ only agrees to provide repair services on items that are out of warranty if purchased from Balão+ establishments or their resellers.

  • All out-of-warranty items are subject to a repair budget and the non-acceptance of the budget by the Customer is subject to the payment of a fee of € 25, charged upon delivery for repair and deducted from the final payment.
  • All out-of-warranty repairs have no estimated budget or repair time.

Time limit for removal of equipment

All equipment delivered for quotation and / or repair must be picked up by the Customer within 30 days after the notice of completion of the quote and / or repair.

After 3 months after the notice of completion of the repair, the Customer will be notified by email to go to the store and collect the item within a maximum period of 30 days.

After this period has elapsed without the Client having to pick up the equipment, Balão + 's responsibility for it ceases, and he is not required to keep or fulfill any obligations that by law are generally committed to the depositary, reserving Balão + in the right handing over the equipment to a charity or destroying it.


Balão + reserves the right not to accept repairs that do not meet the necessary requirements (eg lack of documents).

1) Balão + is not responsible for any delay in repair that is due to factors outside its control (eg lack of parts, out of stock, other events related to the manufacturer, etc.).