Who we are

We are a young company that aims to cover the balloon market as a whole and we propose to offer our customers as the name indicates +.

 + variety of balloons.
 + accessories and complements for balloons.
 + quality.
 + information on marketed articles.
 + training for decorators.
 + conditions for our resellers.
 + than articles we propose to offer solutions.

And we have these objectives because we at Balão+:

  • We import
  • We export
  • We sell
  • We print
  • We decorate
  • We fill
  • We distribute

If you are looking to do something with balloons and are not on the list, we apologize for the lapse, it was certainly our forgetfulness, because we are sure that we also do it.

And don't forget ...

The party only starts after the balloons arrive.