All equipment is covered by a 2-year compliance guarantee.

If the product purchased is defective, you must notify Customer Support, informing your order number and description of the malfunction. The costs of collecting items within the warranty period will be borne by the customer.

Upon receipt of the item at the premises of Balão + we will carry out the technical verification and, in case we prove any lack of conformity, the item will be replaced. In this case, we will replace the item and make a new shipment to your address at no additional cost.

If the technical check detects signs of misuse, and / or any problem that may have caused the item to malfunction (eg, drop, humidity, etc.) you will be contacted to indicate if you want us to repair the equipment.

In the case of goods outside the warranty period, Balão + also provides technical assistance, so you can inform and send the defective or damaged items to Customer Support. The articles will be analyzed by the Balão + After-Sales Service, which will issue a technical opinion and respective repair budget. The repair will only start after acceptance of the quote by the Customer.